Chris Perry

General Manager

Chris has been working at Trillium since 2011 and has contributed to a wide array of transit projects. From GTFS creation and customer support, to project management and data analysis, Chris takes pride in paying attention to details and being a thoughtful and clear communicator. A longstanding interest in ecology and dedication to sustainability drives his work to lessen the environmental impacts of transportation.

Chris is a proud Wisconsinite, but his love of Portland cannot be doubted. He enjoys biking around town, gardening, canoeing, crafting, and enjoying life in general. Prior to working at Trillium he worked as a biologist, studying the flora and fauna of SE Washington.

Chris’s recent blog articles

An Interview with Matthew Barnes and Sarah Hackett: How ODOT Uses GTFS Data for Planning & Analysis

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)’s recently released Key Transit Hub Report and Transit Network Report mark two more milestones in their utilization of GTFS data for planning, analysis, and coordination. The Key Transit Hub Report describes using GTFS data to identify “Key Transit Hubs” (KTH), defined as a transit stop or cluster of stops […]

OpenStreetMap Turns 16!

“On or about” August 9th marks OpenStreetMap’s 16th birthday! OpenStreetMap was founded in 2004 and is an international project to create a free map of the world. OSM is behind all Trillium’s Interactive Maps and OpenTripPlanner installations, and it looks great doing it. Beauty aside, the accuracy of the street and sidewalk grid plays an […]