Aaron Antrim

Strategic Advisor

Aaron’s work at Trillium continues a lifelong passion for transportation. After founding an advocacy organization dedicated to transportation choice in Northern California, Aaron realized that travelers needed better tools to understand and navigate an increasingly complicated and multimodal transportation network and started Trillium to help solve this problem. Now 10 years in, Aaron’s career in transportation covers technology, data, design, and planning work with all modes. He currently focuses on helping public transportation serve its crucial purposes and thrive in the mobility-as-a-service paradigm.

Aaron’s recent blog articles

Supporting our Community

Over the last couple months, Trillium and Trillium staff have made donations to the following organizations to support the invaluable work they do for our communities. We encourage others to learn about and give to these organizations, and to let us know about more we should support. Atlanta Solidarity Fund The Bail Project Black Lives […]

A bike called “Trillium”

Over the last couple of months Trillium has been making weekly donations to different local non-profit organizations. Our staff is working fully from home these days, so we opted to take the money normally spent on lunches and snacks and instead direct it into our community. Last week we made a donation to Bikes for […]

The importance of data in the transit experience

Next time you’re on a bus or train, count the number of your fellow passengers looking down at their phones. If it’s less than 100%, I owe you a dollar. OK, so maybe that’s an exaggeration – but not an extreme one. A 2017 Google/Phocuswright study found that 70% of travelers in the U.S. said […]

Interview with Tim McHugh and Rhyan Schaub — Lessons from TriMet’s Hop Fastpass

In July of 2017, TriMet, along with C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar, launched HOP Fastpass as the Portland region’s fare payment system. Hop is an account-based regional fare system with a number of industry-leading features including: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integrating software and components from various vendors Virtualized Fare cards (“mobile wallets”) Fare Capping The […]