A bike called “Trillium”

Over the last couple of months Trillium has been making weekly donations to different local non-profit organizations. Our staff is working fully from home these days, so we opted to take the money normally spent on lunches and snacks and instead direct it into our community.

photo of a blue and white bike called Trillium

Last week we made a donation to Bikes for Humanity, a non-profit bike shop and school with the mission of increasing public access to affordable and safe bicycles while empowering self-sufficiency. They do this by helping refurbish bicycles, providing financial aid to folks wanting a bicycle, training volunteers in bike mechanics, and providing bike repair services at community events. 

At Trillium, our mission is to make public transit easy to use, but we understand that this mission requires easy and equitable access to all forms of transportation. We were delighted when, after making the donation, we were contacted by Bikes for Humanity about naming one of their newly-refurbished bicycles after us. You can check out “Trillium” on the Bikes for Humanity Facebook page

Despite the challenges they are facing due to COVID-19, Bikes for Humanity is still getting at least one bike out the door per day. Every third bike is granted to a deserving member of our community who needs that bike for commuting or safe and meaningful recreation during these unprecedented times. As of May 18 they have already granted 9 bikes this month! You can read more about their efforts and donate on their website