Bike More Challenge

Trillium was excited to participate in the Street Trust’s Bike More Challenge this past month! Every May, the challenge encourages workplace teams to get out on bikes, earning points for each day and each mile ridden, and for encouraging each other along the way. As a Portland-based transportation-focused company, we consider this challenge to be right in our wheelhouse (pun definitely intended).

While our work focuses on making transit more accessible and easier to use, that goal is part of a larger vision of giving people healthy, convenient, and sustainable transportation options independent of cars. We want to see people biking, walking, and ridesharing, as well as taking transit. Our team already lives that vision by using a variety of transportation modes, and we welcome a little competition to set a fire under our biking feet.

The Street Trust offers attractive prizes to help motivate individuals and teams, but this year Trillium decided to up the ante by also offering internal prizes to our team members. Categories like “Rookie of the Year” and “Scavenger Hunt” encouraged us to stretch our participation even more.

Holly’s “Picture with a sunset” photo for the scavenger hunt.

We also did a couple group rides, during the middle of the month and on the last day. On one ride, members of Trillium’s team rode along the Willamette waterfront to visit and view the Crystal Springs Creek watershed and the architecture of the recently (2015) constructed MAX station under the Bybee Overpass.

Aaron, Thomas, and Seth on one of our group rides.

Our “victory lap” ride on the 31st ended at Hopworks, where we serendipitously found the Street Trust tabling to cheer on the Williams Ave commuters.

Holly with Seth, Danielle, and Ed on our Victory Lap ride.

We ended the month with 100% participation from our Portland-based team members, a ranking of 7th place for our company size, and a collective total of 2,099 miles ridden. Many of us are inspired to keep up the pace for the rest of the summer and the year as we work to make our multimodal transportation dreams a reality in Portland and beyond.