Open Learning Campus: Introduction to GTFS

GTFS is for everyone. At Trillium, we know what a powerful tool it is, and one of our goals is to make this data spec broadly accessible. Trusted training materials make GTFS and its benefits more accessible. To that end, Trillium volunteered to  expand on our previous work with the World Bank (see GTFS examples), helping to create a new, comprehensive GTFS training course!

Open Learning Campus

The World Bank has enlisted a number of professionals who draw on a diverse set of experiences working with open-source software in resource-constrained environments. The resulting course takes students through all the steps of understanding, creating, and validating GTFS data. Students also learn about GitHub and open-source mapping and GTFS tools. The course includes the following training modules:

  • What is GTFS? History & File Structure
  • What is GTFS? Visualization & Community
  • Setting up a GTFS Feed
  • Introduction to GitHub & Open Source Tools
  • Stories from the Field
  • How to Map Transit Data
  • How to Collect Data for a City’s First Feed
  • App Survey
  • GTFS-Realtime

This course is for GTFS producers as well as decision-makers who don’t themselves build the data. Knowledge of the technical concepts of a spec leads to better-informed decisions.

“The manually setting up the GTFS Feed module was an excellent introduction to the nitty-gritty of what is included in a feed. The content was appropriate for a non-technical user but went deep into the technical aspects of how a feed works, how one would set one up, and how to validate data.” 

– Richard Abisla, Portfolio Manager, Americas | Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup

Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate from the World Bank Group stating that they have successfully finished the course.

Find more information and sign up here!    .

A facilitated version of the GTFS course will be held from March 5th through April 8th.