Sign up for the National Transit Map!

You may have gotten a letter from the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx about the new National Transit Map project.

We’re thrilled to see the USDOT joining us and other advocates of open transit data in our mission of seeing every transit agency in the United States release public GTFS data. This is a huge step forward and a strong show of support from the USDOT.

How can your agency participate?

It’s simple: just have the staff member who handles your NTD reporting follow these steps.

First, log in to the NTD reporting website and click on the “Actions” tab to find the link to “Register National Transit Map Data”.

1-Action Page

After clicking through the landing page, you’ll be asked to enter your agency’s NTD ID, and the link to your GTFS data.

2-Provide Data Page

The red text below indicates where all your info should be when you click the final “submit” button.

3-Confirmation Page

The USDOT will fetch your data at the URL your provide them about once a month. We’re looking forward to seeing the live map!