TRB Intercity and Rural Public Transportation Conference presentation: Connected Intercity Travelers

Last week I visited Salt Lake City to deliver a presentation at the TRB Intercity and Rural Public Transportation Conference. The topic: “Connected Intercity Travelers”.

Here’s the visual aid; I used Prezi instead of a slide-deck. I like the way it provides a navigational structure for the information.

I’ve begun reoriented my presentations to help transit agencies think better about their technology strategy. Focusing on flashy features leads to poor decisions. Clear thinking about goals and the tools and strategies that serve those goals leads to decisions that serve transit agencies and their customers better. I believe conference organizers would serve participating transit agencies well if they begin to enforce a policy in which presentations regarding “technology” topics must dedicate the majority of their presentation to goals, approaches, data standards, and strategies — not features.

So, the presentation content is organized around two goals:

  1. Making transit service information easy to use and understand. This is accomplished through good information design and tools like Google Maps.
  2. Creating broad awareness of transit service and improving its visibility. This is accomplished through open data, and search engine optimization techniques.

Below is the presentation. Do you think this is an appropriate tool for my goal to communicate clearly and effectively?

Aaron is the founding principal of Trillium Solutions, Inc. He brings experience that includes 12 years of web-development with 8 years in public transportation, with knowledge of fixed-route transportation, paratransit, rural transportation, and active transportation modes. Aaron is a recognized expert in developing data standards, web-application design, digital communications, and online marketing strategy. He originally developed Trillium’s GTFS Manager, and has played a key role in the development of the GTFS data specification since 2007.