Stay home… miss out.

WhereCamp 2009 just happened in Palo Alto. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it this year; I should have tried to book my air tickets further in advance.

Check out some of the sessions posted at this year’s unconference. Last year at WhereCamp there were also several sessions on transit and non-drive alone alternatives. Mike Gilligan, and Bibiana and Tim McHugh from TriMet came down from Portland and presented on TriMet’s open data initiatives.

Why am I posting a blog post on an event I didn’t attend this year?

1.) I just want to cast a line to say I am looking forward to seeing and reading blog posts on the gathering so I can find out what happened.

2.) I haven’t posted on similar events on Trillium blog in the past. I think there are a few people from transit agencies, and many members of the advocacy community following this blog, so I’d like to take the opportunity to broadcast — if you are looking for a place to see an inspiring collaborative problem-solving model, and a view of the shape and possibilities for things to come with online travel data, WhereCamp and TransitCamp are good places to go. Transit agency staff and board members who come to these events almost always say the experience is valuable. Their presence is very appreciated and adds a lot of insight and perspective to the discussions. Check out my review of last year’s Transit Camp.

3.) Does anyone want to work with me to organize a Transit Camp in Portland? There are many locals who have developed great applications for transit; Portland has a great local transit agency that’s committed to open data and open innovation; Portland has easy access by air and train for people traveling from elsewhere; and there are a number of good potential venues. In short, there’s a lot to support this effort. I am ready to step up as part of an organizing team if there is real interest.

Update: One person has emailed me so far about working to put together a Transit Camp PDX.  It looks like there is also a Where Camp PDX scheduled for September.  Planning meetings are beginning.  I’ll plan on participating, and will try to draw in a transit contingent.