Google Hotel Finder offers “hotels by travel time” feature

Mapping and travel search sites and applications increasingly seek to compete for users by offering walking and transit information. Earlier, I posted about Hipmunk, a travel search site that, among other cool things, shows heatmaps for Walk Scores and nightlife in cities to help people choose a conveniently-located hotel.

Now, Google’s Hotel Finder helps travelers find hotels that are conveniently located for their travel mode of choice and a particular location, such as an office, conference center, friend’s house, or area of town. Hotel finder can show hotels by transit time and walking time. Hotel Finder adds to the growing list of tools like Walk Score, Apartment Search, Mapnificent, and Hipmunk that enable people to value transit and arrange their life so transit serves them optimally.

Screenshot of Hotel Finder’s travel time proximity feature below. Read more at Google’s Inside Search blog, “Find hotels by travel time”.